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Hand-made&Retro in style

99% passionate about the planet, kids, golden years of the past and hand-made splendour,1% of anything else worries me as I am busy making things! I do have a name (Cornelia) and 2 gorgeous daughters and a very lazy, but therapeutic cat, Fluffy. And, of course my hubby who encourages and believes in me and accepts my sometimes wacky ideas!


My earliest memory of my first creative attempt is when I was about 5 and my father was teaching me to use an old sewing machine with a pedal I could hardly reach! Since then, I have spent hours on end sewing , making  and designing. Although I have spent some years  teaching, my passion for handmade has always been with me. Now I am surrounded by fabrics, buttons, projects and ideas (and of course, happy customers :)





About Me

Many thanks to my dearest friend Valerie Gohar, who has  drawn the beautifully dressed ladies from the vintage fashion history on my Home page.