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All courses take place in my home studio - address and map can be found  on Contact Me page



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If you change your mind about the course, you can cancel it up to 48 hours before the date of the course, by sending me an email or using the form on the Contact Me page. After this period, I am afraid I cannot offer any refund as I will need to buy in advance the materials for the course.



In order to provide the required amount of attention to all participants, the maximum number of people attending a course is limited to 5.

Beat the recession, learn something new and useful!


Have you ever wondered how fun it is to learn to make your own things?Now it is possible!

Let's create something unique and label it"made by me" (in Richmond,England)!


Due to my current scheduled sewing courses in the local schools, the courses listed below will be held on request, please Contact Me for a date

Basic sewing - 2 hours . Price £30 per person


This course is ideal for the complete beginners and it provides basic sewing, hand embroidery techniques and more..


Price includes materials that will be used in the course.


By the end of the course you will be able to make your own Union Jack cushion cover.


Intermediate sewing - 2 hours . Price £35 per person


Once you learned how to use the sewing machine, let’s move on to make your own tote bag. You will learn how to follow a simple pattern and get wonderful results.


Price includes materials that will be used in the course.




Basic felting- 2 hours from. Price £25 per person


A basic felt making course that will enable you to understand the main principles of the ancient art of felting. You will discover the magic of how merino wool can be converted into a bead for a jewellery piece or a unique picture.


Price includes materials that will be used in the course.


Please bring a towel and a waterproof apron.

Make do and mend - 2 hours from Price £30 per person


Our grannies used to mend their own clothes, reshape their own dresses and certainly fix the holes in the socks.


We don’t live easy times either, so why don’t we learn a few tricks about alteration and mending ?


Bring your own clothes that have been sitting in the wardrobe for a long time and let’s give them a new lease of life.


Intermediate sewing skills are required for this course.