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Curtains, blinds & cushion covers

While keeping busy making stuff,I have been tempted a few years ago  to make my own curtains and blinds. Mission imposible, I thought. Well, they are hard to handle as they can be heavy and long, but there are right angles involved and I liked geometry at school! Now as I have more and more orders, people coming back to order either blinds or curtains, it looks like the mission has been a reality.

As the materials and complexity of such work can vary considerably, please Contact Me in order to obtain an estimate.

Why Vintage-crafts ? Simply because my dream is to make humans believe that being creative is essential and we all have a creative side to us.

Any craft brings happiness, a sense of fulfilment and improves self esteem, not to mention relaxation and food for thought (and it is easy to keep the brain fit this way !)

Vintage just because the crafts are timeless, they travelled along with our ancestors, shaping their existence and express their views and these skills will always remain an essential part of our spiritual health.

For me it is sewing , handmade stuff and an admiration for the past times. I have been involved in sewing projects and design for as long as I remember. Along the way I have picked up a few diplomas in design and the art of stitching, as I always feel the need to improve my technique and learn more.

I hope you will join me on this journey of hand-creating love!

Alterations & Mending

Have you ever wondered why you keep coming back to the same dress or the same trousers that sit so well on you? That is just because we get attached to the clothes that suit us and give us identity.

Piles of clothes won't solve the issue of finding an item that will look well and feel well on us. That's where my job begins. I can reshape, restyle and give back identity to your favourite clothes.


Also have a look at the beautiful fabrics in My Shop.  Although I recommend re-using your scraps of  fabric (an old t-shirt, some pair of jeans that no longer fit you,etc), have a bit of fun and top-up your creative collection!  I have carefully chosen some of the most beautiful fabric designs available on the market. Keep coming back as My Shop is updated regularly with more fabrics.

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